JDawn Consulting
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"I came to Dawn with lots of questions, and a situation where I knew I'd need to pay a penalty. She immediately put me at ease, helped me with my questions with zero judgement and lots of understanding, and gave me complete and timely advice for heading forward. She is extremely knowledgeable and personable. I highly recommend sitting down to talk with her."

— Valerie w.


I had always filed my own taxes, but last year I involuntarily became a freelance journalist when my company shut down. I also happened to be getting married at the same time. Dawn helped me navigate those issues and next month we're going to make a plan for dealing with freelance income going forward in 2017.

Also, did I mention? We did this 100 percent remotely.



"Dawn prepared my taxes this year, and helped me work through a complex situation. She was quick and easy to work with, and I was extremely satisfied. I would definitely recommend Dawn for any tax or accounting needs you have."



"I am an artist who is diving into the art show and sales end of painting. Wanting to do things correctly and being highly intimidated by taxes and business rules from the beginning, I contacted Dawn for my first ever tax consultation. She made everything regarding income, expenses and deductions very easy to understand. Moving forward in my art business, she is at the top of my list of advisers I will consult on a regular basis. I highly recommend her services."



"Dawn rescued me from my ages-old default tax prep consultancy I'd inherited from my folks. Turns out : they were screwing things up all along! Dawn spotted that in no time, at no additional cost. I think she gets a kick out of finding things like that. Which is cool. Go Dawn!"



"Dawn made this process super easy for my busy, hectic life. She leveraged technology like Google Drive, online payments, and clear concise email communication (sadly, a rarity these days) to make my complicated taxes less of a source of stress. I've found my Tax Person and will never let her go!"

- CAT S.